von Freude Craft Beer Philosophy – What we do.

von Freude’s Concept of Craft Beer.

When we found that something had been lost to industrialised Beer we started making our own Craft Beer. This is when we founded the von Freude Brewery. Since 2013 von Freude stands for the Making of Modern Craft Beers with the techniques of endurable Craftsmanship. We – by the way – are Natalie and Martin. Find pictures of us scrolling further down this page.

While industrialised Beers taste largely all the same, are lacking character and are being sold in a continued race to the bottom, we make a difference. We create recipes and brew Craft Beers with a soul.

Naturally, we do not use PVPP for filtering. Nor do we employ the features of artificial Beer Coloring in our processes. Nearly all large scale breweries use such artifice. We do it differently – and all natural. When we want a darker Ale, we use a darker Malt. As easy as that.

Von Freude is Unrestrained Pleasure.

‚Freude‘ is German for Pleasure. We strive for great tastes in our Beers. What we aspire to produce is a sense of happiness on your tongue. And we take pleasure in making Beer. Indeed designing and brewing new Craft Beer Recipes causes us a plenty of joy. The term ‚von Freude‘ therefore links your pleasure with ours.

Our first Beer we brewed from the domestic stove. To our utter surprise it was quite tasty. And we kept this homemade spirit as our Credo. Crafted manufacture of small batches and the generous use of ingredients are the secrets of Beer taste. At von Freude only fresh and natural ingredients make it into the brewing kettle.

Ale Primeur was our first creation to see the light of day. Boulevard followed on the heels. Others will follow and from time to time we will issue a limited edition stretching the boundaries of traditional Beer making. Each Craft Beer created with the ambition to combine unique aromas with craftsmanship and to be bottled pleasure and joy. So stay posted for our news on our blog.

Craft Beer at a turning point.

Beer revolution begins! Prepare for a shift from industrialised Beer to handmade delicacies. Make room in your fridge for real taste!


von Freude – Ale Primeur

Ale Primeur – The Amber Beauty that Rocks Your Taste!

Ale Primeur’s full bodied maltiness is complemented by exotic fruit aromas and notes of caramel. Of course, no additives are added to this ale! The great aromas arise from all natural ingredients. There are three different sorts of malted barley and a selection of specialty hops used in this handcrafted beer. Every year the artists among hop farmers around the world catch the sun’s taste in their hop cones.

Out of these hop varieties Amarillo hops are used to give Ale Primeur a juicy fruitiness. The Ale’s herbal notes originate from Spalter Select hops. Amarillo is a US citizen while Spalter Select is a German native. In charge of fermentation is a top-fermenting yeast descending from Belgium.

All these ingredients produce the balanced aroma of Ale Primeur. A Craft Beer composition accompanied to perfection by a mild bitterness. Unfiltered for unrestrained taste!

Ale Primeur was the first Beer to be created by the von Freude Brewery. Initially created at the domestic stove this Ale has made its way straight into our collection of recipes.


von Freude - Ale Primeur | Craft Beer Germany
Top fermented Ale.
Amber Full Bodied Beauty.
14.0°P / 1.057 OG
5.8% ABV
35 IBU (International Bitterness Units).
Amber, 22 EBC (European Brewery Convention).
Pilsener Malt, Vienna Malt and Munich Malt
Spalter Select and Amarillo Hops,
Dry Hopped
not too cold, 10°C / 50°F

von Freude – Boulevard

Boulevard – The Light Delight.

This is a Very Pale Ale by the name of Boulevard. Crisp and fresh in taste, this is the ideal Craft Beer to enjoy sitting in a hot day’s shade. Enjoy life and let the citrusy aromas of Orange Peel and Lemon Grass inspire you.

Dry Hopping with Comet and Kazbek Hops produce the almost athletic aroma. Both hop varieties originate from wild pollination, and preserved their boisterous characters.
The top fermenting yeast is neutral in taste, and low bitterness gives room for intense tangy and hoppy aromas.

Boulevard is a handcrafted ale with a comparably low alcoholic content of 4.3% ABV. Enjoy von Freude Boulevard thoroughly chilled at 8°C to encounter its refreshing abilities. Using a wide mouth glass fosters the intensive scent. Unfiltered beer for unrestrained pleasure.

The hop varities used for this Craft Ale first struck us roaming the display of a hop trader and supplier of raw materials for craft breweries. Kazbek is a fairly new hop variety originating from Czech Republic. Comet has been used for a while and is being grown in different parts of the world. Needless to say, we had to use these fruity bombshells! So we started experimenting and over the course of several trials, we eventually developed the recipe for Boulevard. Enjoy it, the earlier the better.


von Freude - Boulevard | Craft Beer Germany
Top Fermented Very Pale Ale.
Dry Hopped Citrussy Beauty.
11.5°P / 1.046 OG
4.3% ABV
19 IBU
(International Bitterness Units)
Low Bitterness
(European Brewery Convention)
Bright Yellow
Pale Malts
Comet and Kazbek Hops,
Dry Hopped
thoroughly chilled, 8°C / 47°F


The von Freudes

We love Design, Cooking, Wine And … Beer.
We are von Freude and we create Pure Pleasure Ales.


Martin von Freude

Hop Manager

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Martin von Freude

Natalie von Freude

Beer Designer

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Natalie von Freude


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